VascularCell Image Contest

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Editorial Board of Vascular Cell, it is my pleasure to launch our regular competition “The Best Microscopic Photography”.
​F​our times a year, the winner will be selected by the readers which will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite p​hoto​​graphy​.
​Anybody​ can enter this competition and the winner will receive a voucher for publication of a​n article in Vascular Cell​. Of course, the ​manuscript​ must be fully evaluated according to Vascular Cell policies.​
While some images may show incredible scientific detail others may have a real artistic ​value. Therefore, this competition has a dual esthetic-scientific role and I trust that this feature of our journal will become popular not only among the research community but it will attract the interest of practicing artists.

Let’s put some Art into Science! I am looking forward to receive your photos!

Best regards,

Dr Eugen Petcu
Editor-in-Chief, Vascular Cell

You can submit new images for the contest here.

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